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An arm lift procedure is also referred to as ‘brachioplasty’ in the cosmetic surgery world and is usually recommended for those struggling with loose or sagging skin in the upper arm area. This happens due to the presence of excess fat and skin.

Why arm lift

The main objectives of an arm lift include the following:

  • Reduction of excess loose skin that tends to droop downwards

  • Reduction of localized fat pockets in upper arms

  • Tightening of the core supportive tissue which defines the arm shape

Some of the primary reasons for sagging or drooping upper arms are extreme weight fluctuations, heredity, and aging. And it is typically difficult to correct this condition through diet and exercise. Hence an arm lift serves as an effective solution.

You may consider an arm lift

  • When your body weight isn’t excessive, but the contour or shape looks unappealing due to underarm laxity

  • After an extreme weight loss, there is extra fat and skin left behind in the upper arm area (this usually resembles the appearance of ‘bat wings’)

The procedure

Dr. Zambrano has sufficient experience in arm lift surgeries and has helped several candidates achieve the toned arm appearance they had originally envisioned.

An arm lift procedure typically involves the surgeon creating markings on the patient’s arms, armpits, and elbows. The decision regarding the length, direction, and the location of the incisions are dependent on the preferred type of arm lift. The surgery is usually performed under the effect of general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, whichever is recommended by the surgeon (and according to the comfort of the patient).

If you selected to have any other procedures performed while under anesthesia, Dr. Zambrano will move on to them at this point. After closing the final incisions and placing dressings, Dr. Zambrano will send you into a specialized recovery unit. On occasion, drainage tubes will be inserted to remove excess fluid from the incision sites.

The Initial Consultation

Dr. Zambrano schedules an initial consultation with each arm lift candidate prior to the surgery. During this appointment, you would have the chance to talk about your specific cosmetic goals and also ask all kinds of questions that you may have about the arm lift procedure. This consultation will give the surgeon an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate your candidacy for the arm lift surgery. It will also involve an assessment of your medical history and existing health status.

Hence, patients are usually advised to be prepared to answer some basic questions in this area. Some examples of these questions include the following:

  • Have you undergone any other surgeries in the past?

  • Do you suffer from any drug allergies?

  • What is your consumption/use of alcohol and tobacco-like?

  • Are you presently taking any vitamin and/or herbal supplements?

Recovery and Healing

Most arm lift patients rest for almost a week before resuming work after the surgery. In order to aid healing and recovery, your cosmetic surgeon will likely suggest wearing a special compression garment. This helps in minimizing swelling and also offers support to the arm tissues. The incisions are usually covered in dressing after the arm lift surgery. You will find that most of the stitches end up dissolving, except the ones which aren’t self-absorbing. The latter may be removed in a week or so.

To fasten your recovery after an arm lift, allow the arms to rest in an elevated position and avoid lifting any heavy objects for a couple of weeks following the surgery. It is natural to experience some amount of soreness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, and redness during the healing period. Your surgeon may prescribe certain pain medications to reduce the temporary discomfort in the initial days of recovery.

After the arm lift surgery, you would likely be able to notice tighter and smoother arm contours almost immediately. The little bruising and swelling might obscure the initial results in most cases. Arm lift surgery results are usually long-lasting, though you would need to maintain a steady weight by following a healthy, well-balanced diet and through routine exercise. Also, with gradual aging, you may naturally lose a bit of the firmness and smoothness that was originally restored through surgery. Even then, the majority of the surgery improvements will be fairly permanent.

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